The current theme of this blog is recounting the attempt that my girlfriend and I are making to hitch-hike from Iraq to our home city of Liverpool before Christmas 2013. During our five and a half year travel trip we have encountered such incredible hospitality and generosity that we figured we should be able to make it all the way home by hitch-hiking, and thereby prove to people that there are so many good people out there around the world happy to help out strangers. We’re also doing it cos we’re skint. See below for the original introduction to my blog which explains a bit more about me and about our travels over the last five and a half years…

I’m David Hagan from Liverpool, England, a low-budget traveller who left England back in 2008 to go to Indonesia and contribute disastrous DIY to a project building release camps for orangutans in the Borneo jungle. Since then, along with my girlfriend Catherine Burns, I’ve been wandering and working in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Laos, India, the Middle East, Europe and North Africa.

When I’m travelling and telling my fabulous tales people always ask me “why don’t you blog about your experiences?” Well actually one person asked me that on a bus once, and I think it was mainly to get me to stop boring him with the story I was recounting . But anyway I finally got around to setting up this travel blog to put a few odd bits and pieces of my travel writings on.

One of the main problems was deciding a name for the blog, and I spent the first four years trying to work that out. But after settling on captikus, after a particularly potent home-brew of north Sulawesi which translates as “rat brand”, I had a sudden change of heart and went for travellin’ fool. I stole it from a shop in Ladakh which had printed on the window what it claimed was a nomadic proverb “better a travellin’ fool than a sitting wise man”. I’ll be putting that on my CV when I get home in December 2013 and have to start looking for work again…


  1. Anonymous

    David, that’s fantastic that you have started the blog. I’ve already read couple of posts Anand really liked the pics so far. All the best!!!!

  2. Matt with beer in one hand and pipe in the other :-)

    Just tweeted you mate. Cheers Matt with beer in one hand and pipe in the other.

    • travellinfool

      Hi Danielle thank you very much for the nomination and I’m glad that you have been enjoying my blog. Unfortunately I’m afraid I can’t meet the terms of the nomination because due to a combination of travelling, writing and having an antiquated and incredibly slow computer I don’t get time for reading ten other blogs which i can nominate for the award. But I am very grateful to have been nominated and I wish you the best of luck with your own nomination for the award. Cheers, David

      • Danielle Ryan

        Hey, oh don’t worry about it! Just happy to share your blog with other people. It’s such an enjoyable read! Best of luck on all your travels. Danielle

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